Linda Maria Frank

After a few years of not having a well designed website, our client asked us to properly design her site. We created a design that complemented her brand colors, provider her with a section to feature and display her books and give customers the option to buy, review and read more about her and things revolving around her books.

Clearwater Drilling Inc.

Clearwater Drilling Inc. (CDI) wanted a website that would mimic their sister company’s (Environmental Assessment & Remediations (EAR)) website. Prior to this, CDI was just redirecting users to their sister company’s website. This confused users that were expecting the CDI brand and were driven to EAR’s brand and services instead. Rather than building  the site from scratch or implementing

Flo’s Luncheonette

Flo’s Luncheonette has been our client since 2010. The restaurant was established in 1926 and had never really ventured into the digital age. Their website consisted of a single page with their restaurant’s picture. Brilliantek LLC, developed their first website utilizing a mixture of codes: HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP and JavaScript. With changes to these

Environmental Assessment & Remediations

Environmental Assessment & Remedations (EAR) prior website was beautiful and elegant, but designed with Adobe Flash. Today, many mobile devices, particularly Apple devices, do not show websites designed with Flash. EAR had two choices: 1. Add a subdomain that would redirect users to a website that was not flash-based by determining whether they were on

Fine Art by Aija Meisters

Aija Meisters is a great painter, sculptor and graphic artist. Her work has been displayed in various Art galleries throughout Long Island, NY and other parts of the US. We provided Ms. Meisters a website that allows her to display her art work with ease. Her gallery of art work is displayed on the website