Computer UsageTechnology Made Simple

Learning how to use a computer is essential in today's world. Technology rapidly changes, but it is not always  simple to keep up with the times. Although the technology may be complex, we strive to make it  simple here at Brilliantek. We give you the knowledge and skills you  need to be a successful computer user. Whether it is used for navigating the  web and checking email or something more in-depth like writing a document, editing a photo or making a video, our classes have you  covered.

Aside from home use, computers dominate the business landscape and computer  technology skills are in great demand by employers today, and  any  person who can demonstrate computer literacy is more likely to find work before those without computer skills. Whether in management, a new employee, or getting ready to retire; everyone benefits from the ability to know his or her way around technology. Computers are an integral part of everyday manufacturing  and business services  today.