enviro-asmnt_websiteEnvironmental Assessment & Remedations (EAR) prior website was beautiful and elegant, but designed with Adobe Flash. Today, many mobile devices, particularly Apple devices, do not show websites designed with Flash. EAR had two choices: 1. Add a subdomain that would redirect users to a website that was not flash-based by determining whether they were on a mobile device or not. This solution would have two running websites and would cause problems with content management due the different platforms/ sites; and 2. Redesign the website and have it be responsive to mobile devices. This solution would create a single platform to distribute and would be flexible and viable for today’s web code.

EAR chose option 2. Their website is now up-to HTML5 and CSS3 standards and is flexible on all web browsers and devices. In addition, the client wanted to control their content and not have to pay someone to constantly update their website. They wanted to encourage their staff to post their projects, information, news, etc. in order to grow the websites content and resources for EAR’s clients. The website contains a very easy to use content manager that integrates all allowed company employees to post articles and information to their website. Rather than building it from scratch or implementing more complex content management systems, EAR chose WordPress as their method of managing their website data. WordPress was modified for their design, specific security needs, content distribution and work flow.

Overall, EAR was very happy with their website and after some training they have been uploading information on their own without our company having to step in and do this work. Although, we could manage and maintain websites, we believe that educating and empowering our client to do this allows them to reduce their overall costs and establish better websites with content that the client really wants to publish and distribute.